Twitter Went Extra Thirsty After Finding Out that James Rodríguez Is Single Again

Lead Photo: This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil license.
This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil license.
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Despite a high-profile move to Bayern Munich, not all is well for Colombian dreamboat and midfield genius James Rodríguez. According to a social media post by Daniela Ospina, James’ soon-to-be-ex wife, the couple is getting a divorce, reportedly because of Ospina’s desire to stay in Colombia, while James moves to Germany for his new club.

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The couple had been married since 2011, and are the parents of Salome, a 4-year-old born in 2013. Ospina is also the sister of Arsenal and Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina, so perhaps the divorce will lead to some rocky times in the cafeteros locker room when the team links back up for World Cup qualifiers later this summer. Then again, it appears–both from the reason given and the joint statement provided by Daniela–that the split is amicable, so as long as James doesn’t bring a new girlfriend around David, it should be all cool.

And hey, speaking of girlfriends, James will likely have his pick: once the news leaked out that the 26-year-old was back on the market–and we’re surely not talking transfer market here–the tweets started flooding in from legions of thirsty fans who believe that Daniela’s time is up, and their time is now. Except for the brief period when he dyed his hair platinum blonde a la Messi, James was traditionally been considered one of the more attractive soccer players, with fans declaring their love for the Colombian at all turns. Now that he’s freshly single, who’s to say he won’t pull a Justin Bieber and fall in love with a fan? Well, common sense would say that he won’t, but you never know!

Shoot your shot, thirsty Twitter users; don’t let anyone hold you back.

Some seem to doubt the chances of any random Twitter user nabbing the baby-faced Colombian, though:

And one lonely gent thinks he hasn’t stacked up to Bayern’s newest transfer. Who among us hasn’t thought that, though?