Johnny Weir Gets Even More Fabuloso

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This is a Johnny Weir post. In case you don’t know who that fabulous pretty young thing is, become a better person by searching for “Johnny Weir Poker Face” on YouTube. I’ll wait.


(Posts the video in case you’re lazy)

So, Johnny, the fiercest thing to happen to figure skating, did his short program routine yesterday night at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. (The video of his performance isn’t up on YouTube yet, so watch it at Gawker TV here.)

Today, the biggest morning debate in the Remezcla team was “Did he or did he not dance to a Juan Gabriel song?” After going through our iTunes lists and Googling our fingertips out, we realized he actually danced to Raul DiBlasio‘s cover of Hasta que te conocí.

We don’t really care if there’s a degree of separation between Juan Gabriel and Johnny: It melts our hardened, rotten hearts to think that the most fabulous thing in Mexican balada has somehow been linked to the most fabulous thing in American figure skating. Thanks for the middleman job, Mr. DiBlasio. We can’t help but wonder if Johnny knows about Juan Gabriel, though. After all, this is a man who has a poster of Lady Gaga in his Olympic village apartment, so that Our Lady of Gagalupe can “watch over him” (I’m not making this up).

Now, I’m conflicted about the fact that the Pennsylvania skater might be reinforcing a negative gay stereotype… but at least he’s out in the open — unlike someone we know. Dime cuándo tú, dime cuándo tú dime cuándo tú vas a saliiiir.