Christmas Came Early: José Mourinho Sacked by Chelsea

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This morning, the BBC’s Dan Roan broke the unofficial news that José Mourinho had been sacked as Chelsea manager.

Then, Chelsea made it official.

A radiant smile beams from my face as I sit here basking in the glory of this incredible development. Ding, dong. ???

The Specialist in Failure’s squad currently sits one point out of the relegation zone (BANTER) and 20 points off league-leading Leicester (BANTER). After 16 gameweeks, they have only managed to accumulate 15 points (did I say BANTER?).

Recently, Mou’s been feeling some kinda way about “moles” in his team – apparently he’s under the impression that somebody has been leaking team selections ahead of matches. Césc? Is that you?

This extraordinary news comes after a meeting of club board members that took place yesterday afternoon. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite impulse reactions:

Mourinho = #CONCACAFThunder?

Mourinho tryna get in on that Liga MX action?

Even Rafa’s smiling (hey, maybe the two can hang together in their unemployment sometime soon?)

Oh no. No. Please no.

Yo, we made it!

Lolz sorry.

This one resurfaces any and every time Mou is in the news, and it never gets old.

Klopp and Hazard are feeling decent about the decision.

Eva Carneiro too.

Meanwhile… ?

This pretty much sums it up.

Smile! ??