Julio César Chávez Jr. Robbed in Las Vegas Hotel Suite After Canelo Álvarez Fight

Lead Photo: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (Photo: AP)
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (Photo: AP)
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Julio César Chávez Jr. can’t catch a break this week. After the historic beating that Canelo Álvarez put on him on Saturday night, the son of Mexican legend Julio César Chávez was reportedly robbed of his $40,000 watch, one of the fight checks, and his cell phone on Monday night. There are also multiple videos on social media showing the boxer intoxicated around the time of the robbery, including one from inside an MGM Grand suite.

A (NSFW) video was released on Thursday afternoon by an unknown source that shows the younger Chávez in a state of near-blackout on a bed of a hotel room, while a variety of women pose for the camera in suggestive fashion (Chávez Jr. is married). According to a report from ESPN Deportes, the video was taken shortly before the robbery.

Chávez Jr.’s wife, Frida, stated on Thursday that she was drinking with the boxer in the hotel lobby of the MGM Grand when a man from London approached him for a photo and a chat. That interaction led to a night of drinking that ended with the boxer and the British fan bringing a number of women–who Frida met earlier in the night, before the boxer’s wife headed back to take care of their daughter–to the luxury suite where the videos were taken.

Both Julio César and Frida allege that nothing untoward happened, but that the robbery of the boxer’s $40,000 Hublot watch, along with his phone and a check from the Canelo fight, occurred around the hours of 5 and 6 in the morning. “I had the check [from the fight] on the table, and when I checked the next day, there was no check,” said Frida. “The watch was also gone.”

Currently, the couple is considering legal action, and they have questioned staff at the MGM Grand about the watch. The check was recovered upon arriving back in Los Angeles. Frida also believes that it’s possible that someone slipped something in Chávez Jr.’s drink that night, and that it was planned to take advantage of him.

Fans on social media have responded negatively to the leaked video, which seems to show Chávez Jr. celebrating despite the one-sided loss in what was billed as a battle for Mexico’s “heart and soul.” While there’s nothing wrong with a boxer enjoying himself after months of training, the video–and a separate, less incendiary one–does play into Julio César’s party boy reputation that had many believing that he wouldn’t be up for the fight against Canelo.