Despite Standing Ovations, Real Madrid to Dump Keylor Navas in De Gea Deal

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On Saturday, Keylor Navas received two spectacular ovations from the notoriously opinionated afición at the Santiago Bernabéu, the second of which came after this glorious penalty kick save:

His Costa Rican teammates were overjoyed, cheering him on with just as much enthusiasm as the home crowd:

But in absolutely classic Real Madrid fashion, with the “monumental lío que tiene el Madrid en la portería,” the Tico guardameta might have seen his last game between the posts at the coliseo blanco. Yup, that’s right; just when it seems as though Keylor has won over the hearts and minds of madridistas everywhere, he might be indecorously shoved out the door. Why? To bring David De Gea to Madrid for less, of course.

You know, if Madrid (ahem, club president Florentino) is that desperate to sign De Gea, he will be available on a free transfer in one year’s time. In the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. Well thought-out plans are almost always better than constant hunts for instant gratification, Florentino, and I wish I could somehow infiltrate your brain space to tell you that a million times over. Ugh. Sometimes this club makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Over and over again.

Despite the fact that Navas, Casillas’ original understudy, has the potential to become the next big club hero; despite cries of “la portería es suya;” despite any desire to put the goalie drama to bed; Florentino and co. don’t seem to give less of a damn about packing him up like another one of their luxurious toys that they quickly get bored of and shipping him off to Manchester. What an unfortunate sight to see. But what Florentino wants, he gets, which often makes him a completely miserable excuse for a president.

We’re still with you, Keylor. We’ll know for sure whether we’re with you in Madrid or Manchester by the end of the day.