Kobe Bryant Pledges $1,000 to Afghanistan’s Women’s Soccer Team Thanks to Monica Alvarado

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Before he became an NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant grew up loving futbol. The former Lakers shooting guard even credits the game with improving his skills on the court. “I am actually [a huge fan]. I grew up in Italy,” he told “From [6 to 14], I played soccer every day. It is actually my favorite sport.”

So it’s no wonder Bryant readily put up his own money to help a soccer team flourish. On May 7, Mexican-American defender Monica Alvarado, who plays for the women’s national team in Mexico, tweeted at Black Mamba and let him know that the Afghanistan Women’s Team needed financial backing. Hummel USA donated $1,000, and said they’d donate another $1,000 if someone stepped up to the plate.

A few days later, Kobe responded and said he was in.