LA Dodger Adrian Gonzalez Made History With 5 Home-Run Wave

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Home-run (noun): a hit that allows the batter to go around all the bases and score a run.

This 2015 MLB season marks Alex Rodriguez’s comeback after a long suspension for admitted use of steroids. For a second, we were under the impression that A-Rod would steal the spotlight in baseball, but we were proved wrong. Across the country from Yankee-land, Adrian Gonzalez is making us fall in love with America’s favorite past-time: baseball. The LA Dodger first baseman became the first player in history to yank the ball five times in only three games.

There are different ways to say home run and plenty of ways celebrate a slammer; pero coño five in his first three games of the season?

The LA Dodgers are facing the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight. Let’s light up those candles and hope his next home-run breaks Joe Arpaio’s windshield.