Los Angeles FC Unveils New Club Crest to Mixed Reactions

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Los Angeles FC – the team being built on the dimly glowing embers of Chivas USA and set to enter the MLS in 2018 – has officially revealed its new club crest!

U.S. soccer legend Mia Hamm – one big name in a star-studded, 26-person ownership group that includes the likes of Magic Johnson, Nomar Garciaparra, and Will Ferrell – said in a press release on the club’s website that yesterday was an “historic day; Unveiling our crest is a significant milestone event that brings us one step closer to playing on our home turf in 2018. We are thrilled to unveil an iconic and timeless symbol that reinforces the link between LAFC and our community.”

Matthew Wolff, the graphic designer responsible for launching the visual identity of LA’s newest club, goes into great detail about the design process on his own personal website.

He writes that the crest has “strong ties to Los Angeles from its shape to the color palette to the unique typeface.” Apparently, the shape of the shield was extracted from the Seal of the City of Los Angeles pictured below.

The black and gold colors embody “the success, urban texture, and glamour” of the city. Wolff also states that the typeface – “elegant and versatile” and “based on the signage of architect Richard Neutra” – is a nod to downtown LA’s “rich collection of Art Deco buildings, dating back to the city expansion in the 1920s.”

Perhaps most importantly, the heart of the crests bears a single wing, “paying homage to the City of Angels and the city’s Aztec and Mexican heritage.”

Alright LA-based fútbol fam, what’d you think? It may be sleek and simple, but this logo is also pretty badass. ? if you ask me. While Twitter reviews appear to be largely positive, opinions are definitely mixed:

Hm …?