Leandro Barbosa Is Clearly Sipping Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff From ‘Space Jam’

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While many are claiming that there’s a rigged system after the Cleveland Cavaliers forced a Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors, there was one thing that wasn’t rigged, and that was Leandro Barbosa’s performance.

Barbosa scored 14 points and collected two rebounds and two assists over 19 minutes of action in the Warriors’ 115-101 loss to the Cavaliers. He was four of six from the field and went two of three from behind the three-point line. His performance did not go unnoticed on social media.

Barbosa’s stellar performance came as a result of what could be a huge blow for the Warriors in Game 7. Andre Iguodala was battling a tight back for much of the game and had to go to the locker room early in the second half. With Iguodala out, Barbosa was given extra time on the court and took advantage of the minutes.

This wasn’t anything new from Barbosa, as we have seen him come alive in the postseason at the ripe age of 33. His off-the-bench performance was key in the Warriors’ victories in Game 1 and 2, and could be credited with keeping the Warriors within range of the Cavaliers, who were again led to victory by LeBron James, who dropped 41 points.

Game 7 is the Warriors’ last chance to put the cherry on top of what has been arguably the greatest season any franchise had ever had, but in order to do that, Barbosa should have a greater role. Steve Kerr has been known to create huge shakeups for maximum scoring potential, such as his small ball tactics in last year’s NBA Finals.

Even though Barbosa is 33, it looks like he has drunk from the fountain of youth…or maybe some of Michael Jordan’s “Secret Stuff” from Space Jam. Either way, it’s been fun watching The Brazilian Blur leave us scratching our eyes to make sure what we’re seeing is real.