The WWE’s Latest Recruit is On a Mission to Bring Bachata Into the Ring

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A guy named Levis Valenzuela, Jr. is on a mission to bring bachata to the WWE. Born to Dominican parents, Valenzuela is a wrestler who aspires to reach the highest levels of the sport. Although he was born in North Carolina, his signature moves – Bachata Bow and Dominican Drop – leave no doubt the guy has plátano power.

Valenzuela just joined a group of 11 men coming from seven different countries recruited into NXT, the developmental division of the WWE.

Apparently, WWE plans to welcome Levis Valenzuela, Jr. with the trademark slogan “no way José.”

Valenzuela’s story is even more interesting considering his unusual background: He is a former collegiate ballroom dancer who has won numerous awards. What advantages and disadvantages will a former dancer have over wrestlers with standard training? Who knows, but the guy was recruited for a reason.

Stay tuned, because only time will tell if Levi will be able to bring his rhythm to the WWE.