Like the Champ He Is, Keylor Navas Returns to Real Madrid Ready to Shine

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Like nothing ever happened – even though Real Madrid just unsuccessfully attempted to sign David De Gea – our guy Keylor Navas went to practice today, something he will do for the rest of this season.

Navas will travel to the U.S. to play friendly games with Costa Rica this week, but Real Madrid’s manager Rafa Benítez has already spoken to Navas and told him he has his full trust, which will surely be motivation for the Tico goalie, given the fact that he’s probably somewhat sour about the situation.

In a matter of hours, Navas went from being Madrid’s starting goalkeeper to Manchester United’s newest recruit, and then back to Real Madrid, but this time as a de facto keeper. Now Real Madrid really needs him if they plan to win any titles this year.

We know him for his perseverance, and despite the many obstacles that might come his way, Navas will surely make the most of this chaotic situation and prove to Florentino that he deserves to be where he is. He’ll do a great job, even though it’s clear that he’s underappreciated (Navas will make half the money he was going to make with his move to United).

Basically, welcome to Working Harder and For Less: the Keylor Navas Story. If we can be sure of anything, it’s that Navas will not disappoint.

Let’s all just take a minute to remember Keylor Navas saves, like the one during the Santiago Bernabéu tournament:

Or last week’s league match:

It’s proof that the Tico goalkeeper steps up to the challenge when he’s given a chance to play.