Lionel Messi and Carli Lloyd Met and Totally Geeked Out Over Each Other

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Feast your eyes upon this sneak peek photo from the 2016 Ballon D’Or Gala, comin’ at ya live from Houston, Texas!

Just kidding. But in all seriousness, Carli Lloyd and Lionel Messi, the inevitable future players of the year, did meet up on the training pitch in Houston ahead of Argentina’s match vs. Bolivia this Friday. We would’ve loved to have been a part of this amazing meeting of the minds; god only knows what kind of brilliance was shared between the two magicians.

Carli Lloyd is fresh off a hat trick performance in the final of the 2015 World Cup, so it’s really no wonder that a couple of die-hards wanted to snap a few pictures with her. Unfortunately, Messi was a bit shy and couldn’t quite muster up the courage to ask Lloyd to sign his jersey too.

Maybe someday the Argentine player will lead his team to World Cup glory. For now, Lloyd reigns supreme.