Listen to Legendary Commentator Andres Cantor Narrate the Most-Watched Soccer Match in U.S. TV History

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In case you hadn’t heard yet, the Women’s World Cup final was the most-watched soccer match in the history of U.S. television – with 25.4 million viewers, it beat both the NBA finals and the Stanley Cup in the ratings.


Beyond the fun of watching Team USA kill it on the field, there was also the joy of listening to Telemundo’s Andres Cantor – the man who helped define the enthusiastic Latin American style of soccer commentary – narrate the five goals that gave the USA victory over Japan. As Deadspin points out, Cantor spent 38 seconds ¡GOOOL!-ing on Lloyd’s long-range hat trick-finisher.

Here’s how it looked in closed captioning:

Hopefully the audience watching women’s soccer will keep growing and help level the playing between women and men in the sport. (FIFA gave $2 million dollars to the Women’s World Cup Champions, a paltry sum compared to the $8 million given to the Men’s team, which was eliminated in the round of 16 of the 2014 World Cup).