Tarahumara Runner Lorena Ramírez Makes History at Spain’s Ultramarathon

Lead Photo: Photo by Toni François / Moment Open
Photo by Toni François / Moment Open
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The Rarámuri – aka Tarahumara – are known for their running prowess. Their ability to run long distances in rough terrain wearing only huaraches – flat, rawhide-soled sandals – has always fascinated people. (Here’s an explanation on how they run so well in those sandals.) So it’s not surprising that a woman who belongs to the Rarámuri community would do well in an international race. This weekend Lorena Ramírez placed third in the senior category (those 18 to 39 years old) and fifth in the women’s category at Tenerife Bluetrail – an ultramarathon deemed the highest race in Spain. A section of the mountain reaches 3,555 meters high. More than 2,400 racers from 38 countries participated.

Bravo, Lorena Ramírez, con tu tercer puesto en la categoría senior, te quitaste la espina, así como tu hermano Mario…

Posted by Tenerife Bluetrail on Sunday, June 10, 2018

According to Verne, Ramírez is the first Rarámuri woman to compete in an European ultramarathon. The org behind Tenerife Bluetrail invited her after she won a 50 km race in Puebla.  She participated with her sister and brother, who also excelled. Her brother took 22nd place in the general race, and her sister placed 15th in the women’s race.

To learn more about her, check out Verne’s video below.