It Looks Like Someone Forgot to Tell Luis Suarez He Couldn’t Play Against Venezuela

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What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Luis Suárez damn near threw a hissy fit after not being brought off the bench in Uruguay’s 1-0 loss to Venezuela.

Unfortunately for Suárez, he couldn’t have come into the game because the match roster list marked him as out.

Based on what happened, it seems as though no one on the coaching staff made Suárez aware of this, because he warmed up as if he were about to enter the game. When he finally realized he wasn’t going to play, he threw his bib on the floor in disgust.

To be fair to Suárez, this is really some information he should have had. His reaction is understandable because he’s hyper competitive (which is the same thing that sometimes causes him to cross the line into the Dark Arts) and is one of Uruguay’s leaders. And to be fair to Uruguayan coach Óscar Tabárez, resisting the temptation to place Suárez at risk when he’s not fully healthy is the right decision.

The loss means Uruguay will be eliminated if Mexico defeats Jamaica. If so, it’s likely Suárez won’t play in the meaningless match against Jamaica, depriving Copa América Centenario of one of the best players in the world.

Still, Tuiter got its jokes in. Check out a few below: