Manchester United Apparently Trolled Real Madrid and Everyone Is Laughing

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The David De Gea telenovela has finally come to an end. Real Madrid and Manchester United had apparently reached a deal for 30-something million euros, but like college students turning in their midterm papers, they did it 30 minutes before the official deadline of both the European transfer window and La Liga’s registration.

As the deal was settled, Madrid just had to wait for United to send the papers. Which they did, but it just so happens that they did so 28 minutes after La Liga’s registration closed.

The incident now looks like a 30-something million dollar prank on the Galácticos and their president Florentino Pérez, who was the brain behind the whole De Gea thing. Now, the Spanish futbolero will probably go to Madrid for free next year.

It also goes to show just what a character Manchester United’s Dutch manager Louis van Gaal is. Last season, he had problems with players Radamel Falcao, Robin Van Persie, and Ángel Di María. Only a few weeks into this season, he has already shown his dark side regarding his team’s whole goalkeeper situation.

The transfer fail means De Gea might spend the rest of the season on the bench or in the stands, as Argentine Sergio “Chiquito” Romero is playing well and doesn’t have a terrible, tense, and awkward relationship with van Gaal. This also means that Keylor Navas will stay as Madrid’s starting goalkeeper, despite the ninguneo he received from Madrid’s president Florentino Pérez. Even though the Costa Rican player is losing money – since United was apparently going to double his salary – I’m sure the Tico player will be happy that he’s not joining the chaos of Manchester United. Plus, he’s still rich anyway.

So there’s a happy and a sad ending to this story, depending on whose perspective you’re taking. As Albert Einstein used to say, everything is relative.