Manchester United’s Crazy Plan to Sign Brazilian Star Neymar

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Recent rumors have surfaced that Manchester United has an insane plan to sign Brazil’s current ambassador of the jogo bonito, Neymar da Silva Santos Juniór.

Man United would be willing to pay Barcelona 140 million pounds ($220 million USD) for the Brazilian star. Add taxes, wages, and add-ons, and the whole thing is really worth around $380 million USD. Put that in Brazilian reales, and it totals $1.364 million Brazilian bucks. I admit I’m having too much fun with Google’s currency converter, as I contemplate Neymar Jr. doing TV spots.

The rumor – however unrealistic it might seem today – might actually have some meat to it. Barcelona’s recently re-elected president Josep Maria Bartomeu just stated, “We don’t want Neymar to leave. He is young; we want him to retire here, in our club.”

The Brazilian is apparently attracted to Man United’s tradition of success, and also about the possibility of playing in the Premier League.

It seems unlikely that the 23-year-old, who has three years left on his contract, will make the move before September 1, when the European transfer window closes. But the Red Devils’ plan to bring him to Old Trafford might just really happen next summer, as it seems that their plan is long-term.

They want him, and they want him bad. And why not?

Despite the great chemistry Neymar and Messi seem to have on and off the field, Neymar is young. He has an ego, he is hungry for personal glory, and he might not always want to be the sidekick to the Argentine player, who is older than him, although not by much.

If we’ve learned anything from Neymar’s extravagant hairstyles and watching him play, it’s that he likes to be the center of attention – something he would undoubtedly be if he joined Manchester United.