Manny Pacquiao Spews Homophobic Pendejadas on TV Once Again

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Manny Pacquiao is a pendejo. Maybe it’s the several punches he’s received throughout his career, or maybe it’s trauma from his boring loss against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in May. Either way, in a recent interview during a Filipino talk show, the former best pound-per-pound boxer spat a lot of pendejadas, especially when he compared the LGBT community to animals.

“It’s only common sense. Would you see any species of animals who engage in male to male, female to female [sexual] relations? Animals, then, are better than humans [in that sense]. They know how to distinguish males from females.”

WTF! Really Pacman? Did you ever fully recover from Juan Manuel Márquez’s knockout?

I’m not sure if the best way to refute Pacquiao’s argument is to mention that same sex behavior is actually quite common in the animal kingdom, but what I am sure about is that this shit should not be tolerated anymore, not even with boxers who unfortunately have a long tradition of being terrible human beings outside of the ring.

As if Pacquiao’s declarations as a public figure weren’t bad enough, we also have to remember that he’s been a Congressman in the Phillipines since 2010, and that this year he’s looking to become a Senator. Given his popularity in the country and his massive wealth, we can be sure his ambition doesn’t stop there, officially making him more dangerous than his fists ever could.

Naturally, Pacman got a lot of shit on social media for his ignorance. Check out some highlights below: