Maradona Dissed ‘The Simpsons,’ and Homero Simpson Clapped Back Hard

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We all know that every time that Diego Armando Maradona opens his mouth he’s going to make headlines. (Remember the scandal he recently ignited after going IN on Argentinean soccer officials?)

This time, however, he went after someone you should never go after: The Simpsons.

Speaking with television channel Cronica, he expressed his hatred with the fire of a thousand suns, exclaiming, “I hate The Simpsons! I hate them. I hate them. I can’t stand them.” Of course it didn’t take long before the internet did what the internet does: create hundreds of Maradona vs the Simpsons tweets and Facebook memes.

A local TV show called Infama took things one step further by calling Víctor Manuel Espinoza, the guy in charge of doing the voice for the Spanish speaking Homero Simpson since 2006. Using the famous voice, he nailed it.

When asked his opinion about Maradona’s comments, Homero unleashed the shade, first pretending to confuse Maradona for Messi and then dubbing him un “gordo jeton.”

Homero: 1, Maradona: 0.