Maradona and Messi’s Most Epic Goals Get Recreated in These Awesome Animations

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Do you love the finer details of the most beautiful game? Behold Case Jernigan‘s work – you won’t need anymore recap videos to recreate some of the best plays in soccer history. Take a second to soak it all in:

This version of Maradona’s goal of the century was created by Brooklyn-based artist Case Jernigan, who was inspired to make some visual poetry by D10s and Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. It’s a unique way of understanding the game.

In an interview with Love Futbol, the artist uses Galeano’s Soccer in Sun and Shadow as a partial explanation for the abundance of Maradona pieces. According Jernigan, Galeano “found all the nuance and story related to soccer that fans already know, but he said it in a way that no one else has before.”

So Argentines and Brazilian soccer stars boosted his imagination to recreate moments like Messi’s epic goal against Athletic Bilbao on May 30, 2015.

Jernigan loves Latino soccer culture. Just check out this amazing animation of Ronaldinho scoring versus Villarreal at Barcelona’s Camp Nou nine years ago, with the Brazilian’s famous dance included:

Most recently, he made a small homage to Garrincha’s wonderful dribble.

Garrincha faking out the defender. @botafogooficial #garrincha #botafogo #soccer

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Learn more about Jernigan here.