Marco Fabián and Chicharito Skyped Each Other and It Was a Giggle Fest

Are you in need of a few gushing, feel-good moments to get your hump day started the right way? Look no further – Javier “Chicharito” Hernández chatting with fellow Mexican Bundesliga crack Marco Fabián is all you’ll need to start smiling.

“What do you think I’d be doing now if I hadn’t become a professional footballer?” Fabián asks his country compatriot.

“…A model. You’d make a very good model, mate,” Chichadios responds. “Model for socks.”

When asked to answer the same question, Fabián says that the Leverkusen goleador would be “a chef specializing in desserts.” Smiles and giggles for days between these two longtime friends.

“I can see you love me.”

“Sometimes,” replies Fabián.

Watch for yourself above.