It’s been said that the World Cup brings the best out of players. That’s goes double for Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa.

Like a superhero that gets his powers back after a long time, Ochoa was a wall at goal, making impossible saves that helped Mexico retain a 1-0 lead and defeat Germany. And course, fans made the inevitable comparison with that “other wall – the one Donald Trump still insists Mexico will fund.

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Ochoa’s great performance in a game where Mexico defended pretty much all the time was more impressive if you consider that the past four years haven’t been good for him: After being one of the stars of the World Cup in Brazil (and a source of endless funny memes) he was signed by Spanish club Malaga but spent more time on the bench than on the field. In 2016, the team loaned him to Granada, where he conceded 82 goals on a single season, a record for the Spanish League. Still, he was voted as Player of the Season by the fans.

Granada was relegated to second division and Ochoa was signed by Standard Liège of Belgium. Although he had good performances with the national team in qualifiers and friendlies, no one expected he’d return to “San Memo” status.

Mexico still has two games to play, but if Ochoa continues with his great form, these won’t be the only time when we hear about the only Mexican wall we can get behind.