Messi’s New Commercial Is Inspirational AF

Just what every Arsenal fan wanted to witness ahead of tonight’s UEFA Champions League quarterfinal matchup vs. Barcelona: a scandalously masterful and motivating Lionel Messi commercial. Ugh. Great.

Gatorade did it big with this spot, channeling the Argentine crack’s “win from within” vibes and urging viewers not to let things on the outside be stronger than what’s on the inside.

“[Messi]’s been preaching to us all along,” the commercial declares. “If you look, you can hear him. He’s saying don’t go down, brothers and sisters, don’t go down. When life kicks you and tries to tackle you, don’t go down. When your legs are heavy and your lungs are burning, don’t go down. When you have every reason to go down, do not go down.” If you’re fighting back tears, no worries – we are too. “You can’t defy the odds when you’re down,” it goes on. “You can’t make someone a believer when you’re down.”

That’s it, I’m off to the training pitch. Ready to make it happen (hoping Alexis is against Barça too).