At This Point, We Can’t Remember Whether Messi is Actually Playing El Clásico or Not

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The Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game is only 11 days away, and Lionel Messi, who was initially reported unable to play due to an injury, might just make it, according some reports from Marca.

There’s a lot going on with the upcoming El Clásico: Barcelona is leading La Liga with 27 points; if they win, they will take a comfortable six-point lead, and if they lose, they’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with the Galácticos in one of the most contested seasons of recent history.

The political situation in Catalonia is also fueling the drama. Some Catalonian politicians have begun a move towards independence, which the Madrid-based federal government fervently opposes. The strong support for independence among many Barça fans makes the Clásico seem like an extension of the age-old separatist movement.

Will Lionel Messi recover from the injury that has kept him away from the game since September in time for the Clásico?

The question remains, but the Argentine player is progressing well and already beginning soft training, including kicking the ball. And we all know that when Leo touches the ball, magic happens.

So for the good of soccer and fans worldwide, let’s hope he does. Neymar, Suárez, and Keylor Navas are giving stunning performances, but the duel between the teams will simply not be the same without him.