Messi Says He Has No Plans to Move to England or Italy

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To the culés among us: breath a sigh of relief, fam. Lionel Messi doesn’t look likely to leave FC Barcelona anytime soon.

In an interview with Egyptian TV channel MBC, Messi said that he has no intention of leaving to join Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, or of joining any other Premier League or Serie A squad for that matter.

“I like English and Italian football,” he said. “I watch all the big games. But – like I’ve said – my intention is to continue playing for many more years with Barcelona and to retire here.”

Can you imagine the total destruction that Messi would leave in his wake in England and Italy?

“I hope it works out that way and that I’m not forced to change my mind,” he went on. “You can never tell in football. Things can change from one day to the next.”

In other news, Messi’s next big career move might actually be acting; the star was spotted at the Apollo Theater in Buenos Aires on Saturday ahead of Argentina’s CONMEBOL qualifier against Bolivia to watch his friend Nicolás Vázquez star in “El otro lado de la cama,” where he received a massive standing ovation. Peep the video below: