If Rumors Are True, Messi Will Wear Another Ridiculous Suit at Ballon D’Or

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If rumors are true, then Lionel Messi’s 2016 suit for the FIFA Ballon D’or is going to be peak pulga. El Diario reports that Spanish media has confirmed that Messi will wear a black Dolce & Gabbana suit completely covered in little white crowns. And I want this to be true so badly, because it would also make this one of the tackiest suits he’s worn.

Messi, who is the heavy favorite to win the fútbol award, has often struggled with his personal style. And I’m not even talking about his decision to wear jorts to meet the president of Gabon. When it comes to the red carpet, Messi is not the type of dude who wears a sharp navy or black suit. He gets really creative, wearing things that make him look more like a banda member than a futbolista.

While we wait to see if Spanish media is correct, check out more from Messi’s abysmal suit game here.