The Messi-Ronaldo Rivalry Gets the ‘Batman v Superman’ Treatment in This Parody Video

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are already real-life superheroes in my mind. Their otherworldly soccer sorcery will never cease to leave me speechless – jaw-dropped and eyes popped out of my skull as I sit bewildered and mindblown, attempting to make sense of the magic they’re capable of producing.

Now, The Football Republic has done us all a solid and put our favorite frenemies on the big screen in a parody video called “Dawn of Justice: Batman v Superman,” featuring CR7 as the former and Messi as the latter.

“The world needs to know. Who is the best footballer in the world? Messi or Ronaldo?”

“In my mind, I’m always the best,” says Cristiano.

“He is not our enemy.”

“We are not friends,” the Real Madrid crack replies.

It’s man vs. God. It’s day vs. night. It’s Messi vs. Ronaldo. Peep the video for yourself.