This Mexican LGBT Soccer Team Is Trying to Raise Money to Play in the 2017 World OutGames

Lead Photo: Photo: Zorros Facebook
Photo: Zorros Facebook
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An LGBT soccer team from Mexico City is looking to raise money in order to participate in the World OutGames in Miami this May. Zorros Mexico has put up a crowd-funding request page on Dreamfuel, looking to raise $1000 in order to fund their trip to the tournament.

The $1000 goal will help pay for the clubs’ expenses ahead of the OutGames, including flights, registration, lodging, passport fees, and United States visas for up to 15 players. The Zorros have already faced issues there, with some of the players’ visa applications being denied due to the stricter immigration policies of the new United States administration. Despite missing some players due to this, the club is confident that they can field a competitive team for the tournament from the remaining members.

Speaking to The Set Pieces, one of the players on the club spoke about the challenges facing openly LGBT athletes in Mexico: “It can difficult to be a gay person in the world of football, because of the problem of machismo,” he said. “There is the belief that it is an exclusive activity of so-called ‘men’. But there’s talent in the gay community. I’ve seen it. Even though it’s difficult, I think players can excel.”

The 2017 World OutGames in Miami are the fourth edition of the most prestigious LGBT soccer tournament in the world, and will see thousands descend on Miami’s Kendall Soccer Park and Florida International University’s soccer stadium for the final games. The event is run by the International Gay & Lesbian Football Association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.