Mexican Race Walker Maria Gonzalez Passed Out at the Finish Line, Broke Record Anyway

The Gold Cup might be distracting you from following the Pan American games too closely – or maybe you just don’t care and prefer to wait for the Olympics to watch a bunch of random sports you never really cared about. Either way, some pretty exciting things have happened in the Toronto 2015 Pan Ams.

Yesterday for example, Mexican race walker Maria Gonzalez fainted a few steps after crossing the finish line and winning  the 20 kilometer race walking competition.

She had to be physically carried out of the race course and taken to the hospital where gracias a dios she was declared totally fine. When she woke up however, a Mexican official reported that her first words were ”Did I break the Pan American record?”

Yes you did Maria, yes you did.

With a time of 1 hour 29 minutes and 24 seconds, Maria Gonzalez broke the Pan American record – previously held by Guatemalan Jamy Franco – by a full 3 minutes (and 4 seconds).

With one year left until the Olympics, let’s hope this Mexican champion keeps up the good work and is able to bring some Olympic glory back home.

In case you wanna tune in, the Pan Am games will be going until the 26th with exciting sports such as Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Takwondo, and Fencing still coming up.