Following numerous fines and warnings regarding Mexico’s infamous “puto” chant, FIFA finally delivered on their promise to take action. During Wednesday’s Confederations Cup match between Mexico and New Zealand, two fans were ejected from the stadium for trying to get the “puto” chant started.

During Mexico’s testy 2-1 victory, undercover FIFA agents in plain clothes were scattered throughout the stands. Their job? To monitor the crowd and point out anyone that disobeys the new ban on chants deemed offensive. Even though there has been plenty of publicity around the ban, two defiant Mexican fans decided to test FIFA’s resolve. It did not end well for them.

Both fans will be banned from attending Mexico’s next match against Russia on Saturday, as part of a 15-day suspension from any sporting event in the country. On top of that, they will have to pay a fine of 15 thousand rubles (approximately $250), in order to recover the identification cards needed to leave Russia. All fans attending the Confederations Cup were given the aforementioned ID, which plays a similar role to a visa; this helps authorities identify fans in case any problems arise.

That FIFA finally took action should come as no surprise; following weeks of pressure on the Mexican federation to stop the chant, it was time for the world soccer organization to show its power.

It seems as if the bulk of Mexican fans got the message sent by the FMF–who pleaded with fans to stop the chant so as to not harm the team–and these two fans stood out as the vocal minority during the most recent match. News of these latest ejections will likely help curb any “puto” chant desires that may bubble up.