Despite Neglect, Mexico’s Tarahumara Runners Triumph at the World Indigenous Games

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The Tarahumara people of Northwestern Mexico are known across the globe for their extraordinary running abilities, so although it’s always positive when a Tarahumara runner triumphs somewhere around the world, it’s definitely not surprising. Despite suffering from poverty, violence, malnutrition, and severe government neglect, these warriors continue to prove they are simply made from something else than the rest of us.

Mateo González Bautista and Silvino Cubésare, two Tarahumaran runners, just won second and third place in the first World Indigenous Games.

The first edition of the games is currently taking place in Palmas, Brazil, and the following one is already scheduled for next year in Canada. Athletes from all around the globe are participating in this competition, which, judging by the pictures, is very lit.

The two Tarahumara runners competed in the 10k race, which is much shorter than the 50k+ ultra-marathons they are used to running in rubber sandals. But if the Tarahumara have proven anything, it’s that they are very adaptable; not everyone is able to survive to the harsh conditions of the desert and the experience of living in one of Mexico’s most violent states.

These are the first medals for Mexico in the games, and hopefully more will come, but more important than the results is the fact that these games are expected to raise awareness about the many different indigenous groups around the world, which are often forgotten and neglected by Western society, to say the least.

If you want to find out more about the games and check out the events or the medal count, you can do so here.