Mexico is moving on to the Round of 16, but the journey to this moment was incredibly tense. As the team faced off against Sweden, it found itself in a position where it couldn’t catch up. That meant it had to rely on Germany not winning its game against South Korea. For most of the game, the two teams remained tied at 0-0, but in stoppage time, South Korea scored twice – giving Mexicans a pass into the next round. For Mexicans, today was a rollercoaster of emotions. After their team failed to beat Sweden, people in the stadium in Russia began checking on their phones to see if they were out. Since then, El Tri fans have gone HAM with the celebrations.

From heading to the Korean embassy in Mexico to wave their flags to creating mashups of the South Korean and Mexican flag, they’re soaking up every second of this feat. But nothing is more extra than the mini parades Mexican are throwing for random Koreans. Both in Yekaterinburg and Mexico City, Mexicans are hoisting Koreans and giving them the royal treatment. In several videos, people can be heard chanting “Korea! Korea!” and “¡El coreano! ¡El coreano!”