Miguel Herrera Allegedly Punched Christian Martinoli at the Airport

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See below for update.

El Piojo’s and Christian Martinoli’s twitter beef just escalated to another level. After the popular TV Azteca commentator made some comments against the Mexican coach last month, El Piojo called Martinoli a pendejo in a press conference, and the two have had bad blood (even his daughter La Pioja got in the fray). Now, El Piojo is reported to have punched Martinoli this morning at the Philadelphia airport.

According to TV Azteca reporter David Medrano, el Piojo Herrera punched popular Martinoli in the neck while he was waiting in line at the airport. Piojo also apparently told Martinoli to expect that type of smack down from now on if they ever run into each other. Making things even more dramatic, La Pioja –Herrera’s daughter – is reported to have slapped former player-turned commentator Luis Garcia.

Neither El Piojo nor Martinoli have said anything on twitter, but Carlos Guerrero, another TV Azteca reporter, has confirmed Medrano’s statement.

We were expecting a lot of spectacle from el Piojo this summer, but definitely not this much.


Update 12:56 pm: In an interview with As Mexico, Martinoli confirmed the scuffle statement. According Martinoli, Herrera told him:

“Let’s get off at the same terminal and we’ll go out to the street to settle this as we should.”

Adding salsa to the taco, Giovanni and Jonathan Dos Santos tweeted a message which seems to celebrate el Piojos actions against Martinoli, but it seems like they realized how stupid that was and deleted their tweets. 

Despite how surprising this all might seem, Herrera’s aggression against Martinoli is only a mere addition to the other times el Piojo has gotten physical, like the time he kicked a Leon fan repeatedly when he played for Atlante.