Is It Time to Stop Trolling Miguel Layún? He Might Just Be One of the Best Mexican Players in Europe

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On Wednesday, Miguel Layún scored his first Champions League goal, proving that he’s one of the best Mexican players of the moment. The former América player is an undisputed starter for Porto, something that promising players Jesús “Tecatito” Corona and Hector Herrera can’t say.


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If there’s a Mexican soccer player that should definitely write a self-help book, it’s Layún. The guy went from being practically unknown in Mexico to Italian squad Atalanta, where despite a short and unsuccessful stint, he made enough noise to be repatriated by América. His initial performance upon his arrival to Las Aguilas was so terrible, it prompted the hashtag #TodoEsCulpaDeLayun.

The criticism was so bad that Layún stated he had to seek psychological help, which apparently served him very well. Despite what many perceive as a lack of talent, Layún proved everyone wrong by showing that with hard work, anything is possible. He began playing well, scored some golazos, and became an undisputed starter for the Mexican World Cup national team.

Craving more than just national success as a champion on América in 2014, he migrated from one team in Mexico to second division English team Watford looking for the European dream, a move that was criticized by then-national coach Miguel Herrera, who stated Mexican players did not have to go to such lengths just to play in Europe. But once again, Layún prevailed. In less than one year, Layún went from playing in the English second division to becoming a starter in the Champions League, where his team currently sits in first place among teams like current EPL champions Chelsea.

People say you must look for the good in the bad, but few soccer players in the world can brag about turning around something like #TodoEsCulpaDeLayun.