Major League Baseball Confused the Güira for a Cheese Grater (Again)

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For the second time during this World Baseball Classic, an MLB employee confused a güira with a cheese grater, and the people are not happy. During the Dominican Republic’s 3-0 shutout victory over Venezuela on Thursday, MLB’s official snapchat posted a photo of a DR fan playing the güira, but they made the mistake of captioning the photo with “Lot of kitchen supplies out tonight …”


This wasn’t the first güira-related mistake of the tournament for MLB; during the DR’s 7-5 win over the United States on March 11, commentators on MLB Network continuously called the güira a cheese grater, before later correcting themselves.


Given the global angle of the tournament and the DR fans’ continued presence as the turn-up kings of the Classic, you would think someone would give MLB employees a cheat sheet of terms they should know during games. Or, at the very least, sit them down in front of YouTube for 10 minutes before going live on air.