An Unnamed Club is Reportedly Offering Neymar a Massive Transfer Deal

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Neymar. The guy who Ronaldinho described as a “phenomenon” – the “best Brazilian player in the world at the moment.” The guy whose uncertain futbol future has kept us skittishly spinning in our seats for months. Now, the guy has a $207 million offer from an anonymous club floating around somewhere in transfer space.

That’s right – while testifying in front of José De La Mata of the Spanish National Court in Madrid regarding a complaint over the deal that originally brought his son from Santos to Barcelona, Neymar’s dad casually came out with the startling statement that some unnamed club is willing to pay the player’s $207 million release clause. Just when we thought that Jackson Martínez news was noteworthy…

According to Diario SPORT, Neymar Sr. also mentioned that his son intends to renew with Barça and that he has “given him orders not to listen to any other offers.” Hm…perhaps corroborating my initial theory that all this talk is nothing more than a selfish ploy to earn a better contract with his current all-star squad?

Get ready for the long haul, fam. This transfer bullshit is about to be exhausting.