Neymar Scored the Fastest Goal in Olympic History Against Honduras

Lead Photo: Photo Leo Correa/Mowa Press
Photo Leo Correa/Mowa Press
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With today’s soccer match between Honduras and Brazil, catrachos everywhere probably knew how difficult it’d be to pull off a win against the home team. And in the first 15 seconds, they learned what could await them. In that time, Neymar scored a goal and set an Olympic record by scoring the fastest opening goal in the games’ history.

At the same time, Honduran goalie Luis Lopez slid to block Neymar’s shot, but ended up missing. Neymar fell awkwardly diving over the goalie and ended up hurting his chest. He required medical assistance on the field, and medical staff took him off the field in a stretcher. He almost immediately went back into the game.

According to Time, Canada’s Janine Beckie set the previous fastest opening goal in Olympic history on August 4 when she scored on Australia in 19 seconds.