Neymar Joins Other Nike Athletes In Epic Tribute Ahead of Kobe Bryant’s Last NBA Game

Neymar’s friend crush on Steph Curry is no secret. But this week, the Barcelona crack is paying homage to the one and only, the man you’ve simply gotta respect, love him or hate him: Kobe Bryant.

In honor of Black Mamba’s final NBA game this Wednesday, April 13 vs. the Utah Jazz, Neymar joined a star-studded cast of Nike athletes that included the likes of teammates Gerard Piqué, Javier Mascherano and Andrés Iniesta in a tribute to the 18-time All-Star and five-time champion.

“He wanted to be better than himself,” Ney declares.

How does Piqué define the OG? “Having five rings but wanting six.” Yup, sounds about right.

Unstoppable, clutch, fearless, competitor, genius, unpredictable, respect, relentless, legend. Check it for yourself and get with the hype ahead of #MambaDay.