Mexico vs. Brazil: Four Classic Moments

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Olympic football fever is currently at a peak with the news that Brazil and Mexico will face each other for Olympic glory this Saturday at 10am EDT. Brazil has the opportunity to win a gold medal for the first time in its history while Mexico is guaranteed its first silver or gold medal in its history.

In anticipation of Saturday morning’s game (our friends on the West Coast tendrán que madrugar para el fútbol), we present four great moments from a few recent match-ups between Mexico and Brazil.

#4 – Jared Borgetti Takes The Same Penalty Kick Three Times In A Row

Many a Tecate and caipirinha were tossed and spilled during one of the most dramatic penalty kicks of all time. Brazilian defender Roque Junior took down striker Jared Borgetti inside the penalty box in this 2005 Copa Confederaciones match. Borgetti was awarded a penalty kick…then another…and another thanks to a few overeager players on both sides who couldn’t stand still. Borgetti would later score the only goal of the game. Game: Mexico.

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#3 – Nery Castillo Scores, Misses In Copa America 2007

Mexican forward Nery Castillo scored a wonderful goal in the first half of this match. Unfortunately, and quite hilariously, he missed an open net in the second half while in the penalty box. ¡Que la puta! Game: Mexico.

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#2 – Ronaldinho Receives Standing Ovation From Crowd In Estadio Corona

Brazil’s Ronaldinho is undeniably one of the best players in the world and in the history of football. So good, in fact, that he’s one of the few players to receive standing ovations from fans of opposing teams including Mexican fans at Estadio Corona at this international friendly last October. Brazil won this round 2 – 1 despite being down a player.

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(ovation starts at 7:30)

#1 – Neymar Gets Punked By Meza

Both teams most recently went head-to-head in an international friendly in Dallas, TX this past June. El Tri’s defense held back Brazil’s attackers effectively keeping them scoreless in a 2-nil victory for Mexico. Neymar, clearly frustrated with his team’s results, got into a spat with defender Severo Meza near the end of the game.

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