Omar Bravo Now Holds the Record for Best Goleador of Las Chivas

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Add a new page to the Chivas’ history books and dip it in gold: on August 12, 2015, Omar Bravo gained immortality with a brace against Monarcas Morelia, surpassing Chava Reyes’ record and becoming the club’s all-time leading goalscorer with 123 tallies to his name.

Chava Reyes and Omar Bravo, 2008.
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The Chivas captain and former Sporting KC Latino del Año scored the record-tying goal in the 26th minute …

… before making history less than five minutes later.

How does a statue-worthy legend celebrate such a historic moment? By pretending to cradle a baby, of course. Bravo dedicated the brace to his newborn son, who entered his life just about a month ago.

Reactions to his heroic accomplishment were mixed, with the majority expressing support…

… and a select few choosing to highlight their allegiance to Reyes (and even Bravo’s flaws).

In total, Bravo has scored 147 goals for Chivas– 123 in league play, 23 internationally, and two in Cup competition– to Reyes’ 154 strikes (122, 9 and 20). Regardless of whether you prefer the new record holder or the 60s phenom, one thing’s for certain: both will remain in the hearts and minds of fans for years and decades to come. Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see the record broken anew…