Paola Espinosa is the Pan American Diving Queen

Lead Photo: Paola Espinoza
Paola Espinoza
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If an athlete these days makes her sport look easy, it’s Mexican diver Paola Espinosa, who won her first gold medal last weekend at the 2015 Pan American games in Toronto.

Just look at her flying from a 10 meter platform (nearly 33 feet):

She makes it look like it ain’t no thang.

The tough 28 year-old has spent the better part of eight years on a dominant rise, winning 3 gold medals in both the 2007 and 2011 Pan American games, a bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and a silver in platform synchronized diving alongside Alejandra Orozco at the 2012 London Olympic games.

The Baja girl has also won medals in World Championships, Grand Prix and World Series.

Her first gold at the 2015 Toronto PanAms can only mean she’s going to give it her all to nab the trifecta, or whatever you want to call winning 3 gold medals in 3 consecutive PanAms.

We’re not sure what records she might be breaking with her continuous wins but there have got to be some.