Patrice Evra Practiced His Spanish On Instagram By Singing Reggaeton Hit “Fanatica Sensual”

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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One can expect to see a lot of crazy things in the wide world of athlete Instagram; French left back Patrice Evra singing reggaeton in Spanish is likely not one of them. Monday morning, however, the Olympique de Marseille veteran blessed social media with a minute-long clip wherein he first shows love to a handful of current and legendary Argentinian players, from former teammates like Paulo Dybala and Carlos Tevez to Internazionale standout Gabriel Heinze and the one and only Diego Maradona.

As if that wasn’t enough, Evra then sang along with the reggaeton hit “Fanatica Sensual,” proving both that his Spanish is on point and that his singing is…well, less so.

In the post, Evra said that “he’s always had great relations with Argentinian players, Diego Maradona too.” He also went on to wish everyone a happy Monday, reaffirm his love for soccer, and–of course–drop a “boludo” in the caption. We’re not sure what the connection between Argentina’s elite soccer players from the past and present and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Plan B is, but since it got us a video of Evra happily singing along in his raspy French accent, we can’t complain.

The next step for Evra needs to be to link up with the current king of futbolero reggaeton, however: Dani Alves holds the crown for eternity, most recently due to his smooth Instagram cover of, what else, “Despacito.”