Patriots Lose to Broncos, Twitter Trolls Come Out in Full Force

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Welp, the team that most of us love to hate is officially out of the Super Bowl 50 running. The New England Patriots suffered a 20-18 defeat to the Denver Broncos in yesterday’s AFC Championship Game. To the Patriots faithful among us, we’re sorry (only a little, TBH).

The following graph describes demographic trends for those celebrating the Patriots’ absence in this year’s grand finale:

Shouts out to the select few who are actually Broncos diehards.

The Broncos’ defense forced an historic Pats’ offense to drag its heels, sacking Brady a whopping four times, hitting him 20 total times on 56 pass attempts, and generally digging deep to pull off the victory.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski also missed his first extra point since his rookie season in 2006. So that happened…

What does this mean? The Patriots will not be heading to their seventh Super Bowl in the Brady–Belichick era, nor will Brady be winning his record fifth Super Bowl title (which would have been the most-ever for a quarterback). Heartbreaking for some, a joyous occasion for others. Take a look for yourselves (hey, even Gerard Piqué joined in on the fun!).

The Broncos will face the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on February 7 in Santa Clara.