Pep Guardiola Sets His Sights on the Crown of the English Premier League

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Pep Guardiola has confirmed that there are multiple offers on the table; it seems like his move to the English Premier League is imminent.

Who will win the grand prize? Will it be Manchester City? Pep himself has dismissed suggestions that a deal with City is complete, stating that he has “offers from England” but has yet to sign a contract. Will it be Louis van Gaal-less Manchester United? Post-Special One Chelsea? Future EPL title holder Arsenal?

One thing is for certain: Pep’s decision not to extend his deal with Bayern Munich is based on his desire to take his talents to England. “I want to coach in the Premier League,” he announced. “That is the reason I did not prolong my contract.”

“I need new challenges in my career,” he went on to say. “I need to test myself in new situations. Changes are also good for the clubs. I think it’s good for everyone.”