It’s no surprise that many Peruvians are highly emotional right now about anything related to the World Cup – especially since it’s just a few weeks away and we’re still dealing with the aftermath of the devastating news about Paolo Guerrero. So when the Federación Peruana de Fútbol released three promotional videos (which tugged at our heartstrings) on its official social media pages Tuesday, Peruvians around the world, myself included, got all in our feelings.

Each of the three videos have a tailored intro and outro for the three countries that the Peruvian team will face in the group stage in June: France, Denmark and Australia. For example, “Dear Australia, My name is Peru, and after 36 years, I’m back. It’s been a long time; maybe you don’t remember me. I wanted to write this to remind you who we are.” Of course it all sounds much better in Spanish, and the passion in narrator Rómolu Assereto’s voice is chilling.


Chère Équipe de France de Football, ce sera un honneur de se mesurer à vous lors de la FIFA World Cup en Russie. Nous sommes partis depuis longtemps, c'est pourquoi nous avons préparé cette vidéo pour que vous vous rappeliez de qui nous sommes. À très bientôt.#ArribaPeru

Posted by Selección Peruana – FPF on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

To add to the drama, there’s a guitar that strums its way through beautiful Peruvian landscapes from the highlands to the coast and closeup shots of Peruvians. The videos continue, “We are a people who fought against crisis even before the world knew its meaning, who knows defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, because through all these years, we not only lost points, but we also lost players. And recently, we even lost our voice.” *cue the tears*

The homage to the late Daniel Peredo, one of Peru’s most beloved sports journalists and the voice of the Blanquirroja, was simple and powerful. The shot featured a broadcast microphone with a pair of headphones draped over it, which sat in front of a window that overlooked the field of Lima’s Estadio Nacional – where Peredo narrated Peru’s qualification to the World Cup in November. Then, the lights shut off.

“But in spite of all that, after 36 years, a group of Peruvians reminded us that when we are determined, when we do not feel inferior, when we support each other, and unleash la raza guerrera that [Guerrero] taught us, we know that even on unlevel playing fields, the way out is to rise,” the videos say in a tone that makes you want to conquer the world. *cue extreme motivation* I AM ABOUT TO PUT ON MY RED-AND-WHITE JERSEY AND FLY.

“This is why our yell of encouragement is and always will be… Arriba Perú, Arriba Perú, Arriba Perú, Carajo!” BRB, sobbing.

Many Peruvians took to the internet and tweeted through the same cycles of emotions.

And the video even moved and gained the team some unlikely support.

Hey France, Denmark and Australia: “We’re back. Nos vemos en la cancha.”