Peru May Have Lost the Match, But it Won the World’s Heart

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Peru’s long and hard road to the World Cup, and the passion of its fans, gained the sympathy of soccer fans all over the world. But their exciting, full throttle, attacking style in their opener against Denmark has made fans of many neutrals that weren’t expecting such display.

From the first touch, Peru played like it had to catch up for all the World Cups it missed, running frantically to occupy spaces, shooting at the first sight of goal and disputing every ball with zeal.

Fans noticed it and were hyped.

The fan excitement grew with the passing minutes and the numerous occasions Peru was creating. Then, Christian Cueva was granted a penalty and proceeded to send it high above the goal. The miss was heartbreaking for the new Peru sympathizers:

But they got over it with some clever jokes:

In the end, the Danes took advantage of their only clear opportunity and scored. As time passed, fans started to discover how Peruvian soccer and suffering are synonymous:

The final whistle arrived and Peru lost the game, but captured the hearts and minds of fans, who lamented the bad luck of the team, and will surely be watching them against France.