Controversial Peruvian Handball Ends Brazil’s Run at Copa América

Lead Photo: im Bradbury/Getty Images
im Bradbury/Getty Images
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Raúl Ruidíaz single-handedly eliminated Brazil from the Copa América Centenario. The Peruvian forward used his right hand to score the winning goal that sent Peru to the quarterfinals and Brazil back home to prepare for the Olympics.

The goal took several minutes to confirm as the referee conferred with the assistant referee, while players from each team shouted at them. Unfortunately, the discussion ended in the wrong decision.

Brazil lucked out in its first game when the referees failed to count a valid goal from Ecuador, but this time, things went the other way. In sports, bad decisions tend to even themselves out, and the Brazilian players can only blame themselves for an uninspired showing.

Peru advances to play Colombia in New Jersey. The result won’t do wonders for Dunga’s job security, which is probably a good thing for Brazilian soccer going forward.

In the meantime, there’s lots for the Internet to discuss, like said goal and how the Brazilian team basically said eff you to this tournament. And amazing memes:

Ruidíaz has apparently decided he has to stick with the lie. They can’t take it away from you, Raul!

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