Pound-for-Pound Boxing King Chocolatito González Eyes Mayweather’s Record

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Undefeated Nicaraguan pugilist Román “Chocolatito” González is considered el mero mero of boxing by ESPN experts. With a record of 43-0-0 (37 KOs) at just 28, he’s not very far from Rocky Marciano and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s record of 49-0-0.

So he’s going for Mayweather’s record on October 17 against Brian Viloria.

“I really think it is possible, due to the great conditioning we’ve had and our will to win that night. In the many fights that will follow this one, if we keep on doing the best job we can, everything is possible. We’ve achieved great things and we will also be able to reach that,” stated Chocolatito during an interview with ESPN.

The fact that he speaks in the first person plural reflects his humility; he makes his boxing team as much a part of his boxing success as himself. His modesty is a pretty stark contrast to the attitude of the previous holder of the number one pound-for-pound unofficial title: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Despite walking around with a huge entourage, he never gave much credit to his team, and his “The Best Ever” merchandise is proof.

Chocolatito was born exactly one week before Messi; he is four inches shorter and like the Argentine, he is now at the very top of his sport. How long he’ll be able to keep the title is yet to be seen, but the first step towards establishing a long-lasting legacy will take place on October 17, against Hawaiian-Filipino Brian Viloria at Madison Square Garden in New York City.