Pumas Put Chivas Back in Their Lane and Everyone is Trolling Them

Lead Photo: PHOTO/Javier Ramirez.
PHOTO/Javier Ramirez.
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Proving to be the only right decision made by Chivas owner Jorge Vergara in a very long time, the arrival of Argentine coach Matias Almeyda gave the Rebaño Sagrado the reboot they desperately needed in Liga MX. Under the former River Plate manager, Chivas won four games in a row, a fact that obviously boosted morale, and astonishingly, even sparked talks of them being on the path for the championship. But on that wonderful path, Chivas met Pumas, who put them back in their place and reminded them of the real road they are on: the fight against relegation.

The Universitarios won by a tight score of 1-0, but with no goals received in their six home games this season, they proved they deserve to be on the top of the league, and proved that the Estadio Olímpico Universitario is going to be a tough nut to crack for visiting teams.

As is to be expected in the Internet age, the Chivas setback meant many people clowned the team on social media.

On the bright side for Chivas though, they played quite well and Mexican striker Omar Bravo is still on a roll, fighting to be the top scorer of the tournament and showing his best plays in the last seven years.