Raúl Embraces the Other Football

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In a fantastic turn of events, it appears as though el eterno capitán Raúl González has officially been converted into an NFL and NHL aficionado, a lover of both American sports leagues. If we hold this brief clip from ASTV USA to be true, the New York Rangers appear to be his new hockey team of choice.

“Go Rangers!” he cheers emphatically, most likely well aware that our hearts smile just listening to him speak. When asked who he would side with in a hypothetical World Cup match between the U.S. and Qatar, Raúl essentially replies that it would be a great game but difficult decision in light of his corazón dividido with friends in both countries.

Raúl is one of the most epic legends to ever live – he received a hero’s farewell in the New York Cosmo’s 3-2 NASL title match victory over Ottawa last November after a monumental career with Real Madrid, and currently finds himself in the position of La Liga Country Manager in the U.S., charged with growing international revenues in the States. Maybe this means that we should all become Rangers fans…?